I'm so glad you are here. Let's talk about your home...

You want to love where you live.  You want it to reflect you, your style and what's important to you.  You want your home to be a warm and welcoming place for all who enter in. 

 Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to rearrange and refresh things. You will discover that you do not need to buy all new in order to love the place where you are.  Let me be that fresh set of eyes for you, and show you that you already have a beautiful home you love.


Re:arranged Rooms


Give your home a refreshed look and feel for pictures, and potential home buyers.
I can do one room, or the whole house, using what you have. 

Re:Freshed Spaces


We start with a consultation. We spend some time talking about where you're feeling stuck and uninspired. We can come up with a plan that's great for your time and budget. 

Re:Designed Art

Hand lettered Crafts

If I am not decorating a home, I am hand lettering something for a home. If you have something meaningful you want to see day after day, let me write it for you in an inspiring way.