My name is Rebekah, but you can just call me Bekah. Let's dive in...

I would love to come and help you with your home. Whether it's the right artwork for over your mantel, or rearranging your master bedroom, I want to help you discover that you can truly love the home you have. Not the home you hope to have, or the one your girlfriend has, or the ones we see on Pinterest.... your home! With all that fills it, all the hand-me-downs, the goodwill finds and the designer splurges, we can use what you have to create a space you love. 

When the time is right, contact me and let's start by having a cup of coffee together and talk thru your space. I want to hear what you're loving and what you're struggling with. I'll share with you my ideas and what I think it will take to accomplish what I believe you need. 


Services & Options

Here are few options how we can work together 

Option 1:


I will come to your home and spend about two hours talking thru your needs, desires, time line and overall budget. I will talk thru ideas of what I think you can do to change up your space using what you have, and suggestions of things you might want to purchase.  

This service starts at $175

Option 2:

I come in 

If after the consultation you like the ideas and suggestions I gave, and you would like me to come back and implement them, I start the work on an hourly rate. I typically take about 3-6 hours per room depending on how much "Re-Decor-Arranging" is required. You'll love the reveal after the time spent in your space. I will ask you to live in your space for a couple days and take in the changes I have made. You will discover there are things you love, things you want to put back in their place, and/or things you just don't want to look at anymore. If that is the case, then we talk thru the items we can purchase to add to the room.

This service starts at $50

Option 3:


After you have lived in your Re:Freshed Space and we talk thru what could be purchased to complete the desired look and feel, I will create a shopping list for you. If you would like me to go to the stores to find that one of a kind piece for your space, I'm happy to go and search that for you. I will keep track of my time spent and you will be charged an hourly rate. 

This service starts at $65


"....a friend suggested I hire Bekah to help arrange our stuff after we unpacked it.  I am so glad we hired her, because Bekah did an AMAZING job! In just a few hours, she was able to move around our furniture and hang things on the wall in the den, and it looked like a different house. She helped throughout the house with both arranging and shopping and we LOVE everything she did. Our house is finally a space that makes me happy. I highly recommend hiring her if you can't seem to get your space the way you want it. We will definitely use her in the future! "  Kimberly, home owner

“I wasn’t sure a decorator was in the budget, but thankfully Bekah is so much more reasonably priced than other interior designers, because she uses what you already have in your home.”
— Kimberly A.

 "I have been working with Bekah for several months on my town home. She is absolutely amazing. What she did for me was made my town home a lovely home for me to come back to each day. She was able to use most of my own furniture and decorative items, purchasing only things I did not have.The final effect was mind-blowing. I am awed with her creativity and follow through. She worked within my budget as well. Truly a talented girl! Barbara Peters, Homewoner

“...she is absolutely amazing...A truly talented girl...”
— Barbara Peters, Homewoner

"Bekah is one of my most valued business partners.  Her passion for making a house a home shines through in every staging job we work on together.  She has the vision to transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary!  She is creative, works efficiently, and is a key component of my successful sales. The icing on the cake is she is simply a joy to work with!" Rhonda Haran- Ansley Atlanta North

She has the vision to transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary!
— Rhonda Haran, Ansley Atlanta North

"I have worked with several different stagers and designers and Bekah truly surprised me with her resourcefulness and ingenuity. She can take existing, outdated things in your home and reconfigure them into something fresh and updated. She brought a few of her own items and added them to transform the space with a completely different feel. The home she last staged for me received a contract in 24 hours and for the highest ever price in the neighborhood! I know that her expertise had a lot to do with that success. In addition, Bekah’s laid back and joyful personality is truly a pleasure to be around. She is an extremely hard worker and even came back late at night to help me meet a deadline on my last house going to market. I cannot say enough good things about her!" Bonnie Smith, Realtor, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International

She can take existing, outdated things in your home and reconfigure them into something fresh and updated.
— Bonnie Smith, Realtor, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International
We had a great time working with Bekah! Always willing to chip in beyond her scope to meet timelines and client needs. Easy to work with and reliable. We think she’s great, would happily use her again.

— Evelyn O., Wade Works Creative, Architectural and Design Project Manager
Bekah’s work played a major role in the sale of my home this spring. Her eye for design and simple creativity took the feel of my home to the next level. I also appreciated her hands on help in getting things moved around and her ability to make sure the home remained “liveable” for a family with 3 young boys. I received so many compliments from buyers, realtors, friends and neighbors that I’m confident her work increased the value of my sale significantly.

— Andrea Johnson , Homeowner & Client to Andrea Cueny, Ansley Atlanta North

“Bekah Tichy is a talented stager and designer that The Cueny Team with Ansley Atlanta has worked with for the last several years. Everything Bekah has touched literally has sold!  We have brought her in on listings from $250,000 to $2 million and once she stages and puts her magic touch on the property, buyers fall in love and the house sells!  Time after time we have seen her move furniture, change materials, select paint colors, and or add accessories and some of these simple changes have made a huge impact leading us to the buyer. We love working with Bekah – she brings a light and happiness to the space and to our clients. She is a great partner and we are so thrilled she is a our preferred stager for all of our listings.” Andrea Cueny, Ansley Atlanta North

...She is our preferred stager for all of our listings.
— Andrea Cueny, Ansley Atlanta North

“Bekah is such an asset to any seller/agent in getting a home ready to market to sell. Her work has been instrumental in getting several of my listings sold. My clients were very impressed with her ability to stage their home and feel certain that her work resulted in getting their home under contract. Most of my clients choose to use her services in their new home after seeing the result of her work. I would recommend Bekah to any agent looking to enhance their listing. She is amazingly talented and I am so thankful to have her services to offer to my clients.” Jill Hensley, REALTOR®, Wade Works Creative

“I contacted Bekah to stage one of my vacant listings. She beautifully staged the home including very large rooms which can be difficult to decorate to scale. She managed to bring in accessories which turned a wall color I hated into a stunning color that all of a sudden made sense. She pulled the whole look together in a matter of days! What I love most is her infectious optimism which makes her a joy to work with!” Jody Tyrone, Ansley Atlanta North

What I love most is her infectious optimism which makes her a joy to work with!
— Jody Tyrone, Ansley Atlanta North


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