My name is Rebekah, but you can just call me Bekah. Let's dive in...

I would love to come and help you with your home. Whether it's the right artwork for over your mantel, or rearranging your master bedroom, I want to help you discover that you can truly love the home you have. Not the home you hope to have, or the one your girlfriend has, or the ones we see on Pinterest.... your home! With all that fills it, all the hand-me-downs, the goodwill finds and the designer splurges, we can use what you have to create a space you love. 

When the time is right, contact me and let's start by having a cup of coffee together and talk thru your space. I want to hear what you're loving and what you're struggling with. I'll share with you my ideas and what I think it will take to accomplish what I believe you need.