A "New" Home for 2017

Putting the Christmas decorations away can feel just as exciting as getting them out.  Seeing our home transform, whether it's for the holidays, arriving guests, or back to normal...changing up our home can bring life. It can also, bring stress, extra work, and uncertainty. 

For me, when the Christmas decorations go away, I can stand back and look at my home like a blank canvas. I can decide if I want to put the same decorations back where they were before the holly berries and wreaths took their spots. I love that when the Christmas decorations go away, I can put back the old one in all new spots. 

What about you? Does the same happen for you? Do you find new places for those things that have been packed away for the last 30 days? How do you put your home back together for the new year starting? If you need help, or want to make things feel new by putting them in new locations, let me come and help you. Giving homes a "new" look is a great way to start the New Year!